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My Physio –Physiotherapy Clinic In Khatipura Jaipur

My Physio physiotherapy in Khatipura Jaipur

My Physio physiotherapy clinic also provides home physiotherapy in Khatipura Jaipur You can request for lady physiotherapists to attend to women’s health issues.
Effective physiotherapy treatment is available for a variety of conditions like back pain, neck pain, sciatica spondylosis, paralysis stroke, frozen shoulder, etc.
Among the many services with qualified physiotherapists in Khatipura Jaipur are the following:

    • Back Pain Physiotherapy and Orthopedic Physiotherapy for shoulder pain, spine pain, knee pain, arthritis, etc
    • Cardiac Physiotherapy for recovering after angina, heart attack, angiography, and heart bypass.
    • Sports Physiotherapy to treat Tennis elbow, Frozen Shoulder, ligament tear, shoulder dislocation, etc
    • Postoperative Physiotherapy for TKR / Knee replacement, reconstructive surgery, joint replacement, etc
    • Neuro physiotherapist for recovery after Stroke, Paralysis, Palsy, Parkinson’s, etc


My Physio physiotherapy clinic is a top physiotherapy centre in Khatipura Jaipur with electro-modalities like TENS, IFT, Ultrasound, Shortwave Diathermy, Hydrocollator, and many others like Cryotherapy for therapeutic physiotherapy exercises. Not only clinic physiotherapy in Khatipura Jaipur, but My Physio also provides home physiotherapy in Khatipura and nearby areas in Jaipur.


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