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About Us

My Physio Best Physiotherapist Clinic In Jaipur

My Physiotherapy Is India's Quickest Developing Delivery Network For Physiotherapy And Chiropractors Administrations. At My Physio Physiotherapy, We Are Resolved To Expand Admittance To Quality Physio Care Through Super Current Centers And High-Talented Professionals.

Our Services

Managed Health Care Services

Upon Request, HealSoul Health Services Staff Will Provide Instructions For Individuals Whose Medical Conditions Need Special Attention And Additional Certificates.
Craniosacral Therapy
Yoga Therapy, Aerobics & Nutrition
Obesity & Weight Management

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Meet Our Team

Qualified Professional Physiotherapy And Best Physiotherapist Team In Jaipur

My Physio Physiotherapy Is India’s Fastest Growing Delivery Network For Physiotherapy In Jaipur . At My Physio Physiotherapy, We Are Committed To Increase Access To Quality Physio Care Through Ultra-modern Clinics And High-Skilled Practitioners. Our Integrated / Multi-Therapy Approach Helps Keep A Strong Focus On Patient Needs And Deliver The Highest Level Of Patient Centric Care With Better Outcomes.

We’re here for you. Call us at +91 97824 68066 or request an appointment online.

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More Then 100 Physiotherapists Working In My Physio Clinic

Advance Physiotherapist Services First Time In Jaipur

My Physio Best Physiotherapist Clinic In Jaipur And My Physio Is Your One-Stop Destination For Back Pain, Sciatica, And Lumbar Spondylitis Treatment With Advanced Physiotherapy And Manual Therapy. My Physio Team Is Completely Dedicated To Providing A Holistic Spectrum Of Care, Therapy, Treatment, And Consultation, All Under One Roof.
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Using a curative healing technique, Thera World focuses on joint pain, joint stiffness, and Frozen Shoulder treatment in Jaipur by inclusive mobilization techniques. With the skilled team of our My physiotherapist.
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Ultrasound Therapy
My Physio treatment in Jaipur has taken a more pain-free and healing approach with a more than 90 percent success rate. Reduce pain; heal long-standing injuries with utmost care.
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Long Wave Therapy
Make way for portable therapist within your reach. Thera World introduces Longwave Diathermy equipment to give relief and joy to recovering patients.
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Interferential Therapy
Post-traumatic and post-surgery pain can be painful yet keep on lingering for days to come. While you heal, you are somehow never let to forget the huge surgery you had to go through!
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TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation) relieves the tensed state of nervous disorders! Move to Thera world's exclusive Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation facilitating all-round Orthopaedic and Neurological treatment in Jaipur !

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